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About Us

Firm Focus and History
Timothy Thomas

Timothy P. Thomas, LLC assists individuals dealing with economic crisis through bankruptcy, mortgage mediation, identity theft, credit reporting and other debt relief. I also assist with civil litigation of contract and collection issues. I assist small businesses in collection, litigation and bankruptcy issues including the filing of a bankruptcy petition, proofs of claim, and bankruptcy litigations such as defense of preference actions and fraudulent transfer claims.

I have been practicing for over 18 years in Las Vegas and have worked with large and multi-state firms. The Law Office of Timothy P. Thomas, LLC was opened in 2010 to provide personal legal care to individuals and quality legal care to small businesses. I have a good reputation in the Las Vegas area and legal community

I began practicing in Las Vegas in 1993. I have practiced in local small firms as well as large national firms. My primary legal practice areas have been in in bankruptcy, civil litigation, property owner liability, collection and construction.

I am a member of the American Bar Association and am involved with the Torts, Trial and Insurance Practice Section. I sit on the committee for Outreach to Law Students. I have instructed several classes on bankruptcy changes, depositions, trial practice, and fair credit reporting and fair debt collection. I have provided pro bono partnership mentoring to law students and judged competitions for the Boyd School of Law.

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